There are days that you wake up and just know it’s going to be great – November 7th of two thousand and fifteen was one of those days.

The rehearsal dinner for Adrianna and Hans was the night before the wedding, and it created a truly joyful and wonderful atmosphere for friends and family to join together and celebrate their love while partying a little before the big day! The venue and all of the guests were done up to the nines – and the bride looked spectacularly elegant in a shimmery beaded silver sheath dress.

“Adrianna feels like home. She’s family to me.”

The toasts to the happy couple were so incredibly touching, so meaningful and so genuine it was a surprise that more people weren’t just outright sobbing with love and joy at the party. Hans and Adrianna have truly found a beautiful match in each other, and their love is supported by an enormous group of friends and family. You just know, in hearing the encouragement and relationship advice offered, that if these two beautiful people ever run into trouble they have a plethora of people who will support them in turning toward each other with love.

“We come to this splendid moment in your lives – in all of our lives – and we behold this great mystery of God’s grace; in your marriage we appreciate God’s plan for all of us because we can see that He brought you together.”

Adrianna woke up stunning, of course, but as she began to get ready for her wedding day, her beauty was enhanced even more. Not by makeup or special lighting, but by a light that shone from within her. She looked absolutely ethereal in her elegant ivory sheath dress, accented by a glittering belt and a delicate lace-edged veil, her hair down and flowing. The world may have never seen a more beautiful bride.

Hans looked dapper and incredibly handsome in his tuxedo, accented with a delicate white flower boutonniere. His emotions were well-controlled, until the essential part of the wedding ceremony, when he started to really feel the momentous importance of the day. He and his bride were joining together as one, and it was a truly astounding feeling.

Their first kiss, witnessed and celebrated by all of their family, friends and loved ones, was truly the first step on the path of their lives together. The reception was even more emotional, though, because the toasts were so touching and so deeply emotional. Adrianna and Hans have been blessed many times over: with love, with health, with family and with friends.

Once the tear-jerking toasts were over – a truly exciting party started – musicians, drummers, dancing, gorgeous décor and amazing food were a tremendous celebration of the marriage of this beautiful couple. It was one of the most exciting weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure to bear witness to and create memories for. I sincerely wish you all the best in the world, Adrianna and Hans!

Videography by
Photography by Whitney Bower
Wedding Planner: Shelia Vault
Wedding Venue | Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
Reception Venue | Chenal Country Club