Little Rock, Arkansas Wedding held at First United Methodist Church and the Capital Hotel. Wedding Videography by Sunflower Films. Arkansas Wedding Videography.

“Today is the first day of the rest of your lives.”

The day dawned bright and beautiful, full of quiet grace and barely subdued excitement. There were a lot of smiles shared as Claire and Christopher got ready for this big day – separately, of course, but they were so ready to be together.

Claire was full of sweet smiles as she got ready, surrounded by a bevy of bridesmaids wearing deep, almost midnight blue dresses. She looked so lovely in her soft ivory wedding dress, the delicate lace overlay accenting her elegant beauty perfectly and offsetting her dark, upswept hair.

Christopher looked handsome in his three-piece suit as he got dressed with his groomsmen; his face solemn at first, but as the time came, his smile broke through like the sun through clouds. The lilac accents and the jaunty striped ribbons on the boutonnieres brought whimsy to the gentlemen, brightening their lineup at the front of the First United Methodist Church.

Seeing Christopher’s face as Claire took her first steps down the aisle was breathtaking – the emotion on his face was so heartfelt it brought tears to anyone’s eye who was looking at him instead of the bride. Claire’s smile was so broad and joyful as she gracefully moved toward her groom, and the full church waited with anticipation for those special words.

“Claire, you love Chris’s generous heart,” the pastor began. “And Chris, you love Claire’s selfless nature, her humility,” she continued. “You make each other better in all of those virtues.” Knowing the couple personally, having sung in the choir for years with Claire, the pastor was able to craft a genuinely beautiful and moving ceremony that really shared the essence of their relationship with each other.

This beautiful couple, with their generous spirit, giving nature and loving ways, are loved by so many family and friends. The celebration following the wedding was truly full of joy, love and laughter. Christopher and Claire shared a beautiful first dance, and were joined on the dance floor by nearly everyone at the reception for a celebration of their special day.

Claire and Christopher are going to share a long and happy life together – even through just being able to capture these memories of one of the biggest days of their life, I can tell. The words spoken in the ceremony itself were echoed in every speech at the reception: You are loved. You bring joy to our lives. You love each other and everyone else for exactly – and only – who they are. “You have never asked us to be anyone other than who we are.”

Can anyone ask for a more special day? It was my pleasure to film this wonderful wedding, and I’ll never forget the deep love and respect that I have witnessed in this relationship. Claire and Christopher: I wish you all of the best for the rest of your lives. Congratulations!

Videography by
Photography by Weddings by Chris and Nancy
Venue | First United Methodist Chruch and the Capital Hotel
Wedding Planner: Maggie Adams